Vishad Forge is equipped with all the required machining, inspection, and assembly facilities for the manufacture of a flange. Starting from CNC Lathe, Manual Drill, BFW Machine. The Inspection equipment includes the ones with the latest technology. Our stringent quality management policy assures the customer of a reliable product.

Plasma Cutting

Our computer-controlled plasma cutting equipment provides one of the most efficient and least costly cutting methods available. Although it doesn’t provide the same concentricity, tolerance, or smooth square edge as Machincut, our plasma cutters minimize the heat-affected zone that is usually associated with a plasma cut edge, allowing for better tool life and higher speeds and feeds when you are doing additional machining in-house.

High Definition Plasma Cutting System

Vishad Forge High-Definition Plasma Cutting System with Plasma Beveling Precision High-Definition Cutting Combined With State-of-the-Art Plasma Edge Beveling Unsurpassed Flexibility in Processed Stainless and Nickel Alloy Plate Parts

Plasma Beveling

Plasma beveling enables us to cut your parts to size and bevel the edges in one step. This cuts your manufacturing costs by eliminating or reducing downstream processing. Most shapes can be beveled, including rectangles, circles, and parts created in a CAD program. Beveling can be performed on a plate up to 3.0″ (76.2mm) thick, plus or minus 52 degrees, knife edge, or with the land.

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

At Vishad Forge we are committed to providing our customers the most efficient and cost-effective methods of cutting Stainless Steel and Nickel Alloy Plate and plate products. In addition to our already diverse capabilities of plate processing, we are now offering multiple abrasive waterjets cutting systems to address your cutting needs.

5-Axis Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Vishad Forge’s latest addition to our state-of-the-art plate processing capabilities is our new Jet Edge EDGE X-5 five-axis abrasive waterjet cutting system. It is capable of processing your most challenging three-dimensional cutting requirements. This machine enables us to offer you cost-effective contour bevel parts, chamfer holes, and weld bevels including K-Bevels.

Machincut Rings & Discs

Our “specialty of the house.” Machined finishes are available at virtually the same cost as plasma cutting. Our rings and discs are machined to a tolerance of +1/16″ – .000″ on the O.D. and +.000″ – 1/16″ on the I.D. to give you a smoother edge with better concentricity than a plasma cut edge. In addition, you have no heat-affected zone, which increases your tool life. We can turn up to 124″ (3150mm) OD, and face the surface of one or both sides to any special thickness or RMS finish. All of this means a lower ultimate “cost in use” to you.

Drilling (Tubesheet & Baffle), Tapping, Counterboring

Our proprietary research and development in drilling technology, combined with our state-of-the-art automatic indexing drilling equipment, resulting in a very low cost per drilled hole. Standard bolt-hole patterns can be drilled and shipped in the same turnaround time as a machined ring or disc blanks. We also can provide thread tapping and additional counterboring when required.


Need a special edge finished with close tolerances on the rectangular plate? Vishad Forge can do this on our special heavy-duty milling machines. Need the same edge finishes on shapes and configurations? Vishad Forge can do contour milling on our sophisticated three-axis, double column, vertical machining center. Edge beveling is also available.


At Vishad Forge, we’re highly experienced in polishing stainless and nickel alloy plates and can provide a standard #4 finish or a 5 RMS maximum when requested. This can be done in all shapes.


Commercial mill flatness tolerances for stainless steel plate and nickel alloy plates don’t meet the requirements of most customers today. At Mcneil Instruments Inc, we do much better. Nearly every plate product we ship is individually flattened prior to shipping –at no additional cost to you.

Research & Development

Our innovation and process-focused team constantly challenges our existing product portfolio. The team and develops new products and upgrades existing products to benefit our customers. We use the concept of “Design for Six Sigma” as a platform for Product development and follow a well laid out procedure for all our developments. Our expert Techno-commercial team always keeps the end-user in mind and works closely with customers for their customized product offerings.